Debut (2021) - Short film

Produced and directed by Johan Stavsjö

Written by Marcus Fahey

Director of Photography by Simon Averin Markström

The day before the debut of her first major theatre production, an ambitious theatre director, Cornelia, comes to the horrible realization that hey play is quite... bad. A self-destructive journey ensues involving PR agents and stubborn actors as she desperately tries to hold her play together.

Thank You For Your Patiance (2020) - Novell film

Written and directed by Marcus Fahey

Produced by Marcus Fahey, Johan Stavsjö & Jordan Sarf

Director of Photography by Daniel Rodriguez

When an unlikely pair meet on a broken down train, New York City forces two star-crossed strangers to seek out a new monotonous commute to work soon falling into their own coincidental story of music, confession... and a lot of walking.

Available to watch now at:

Say Yes (2019) - Short film

Written and directed by Johan Stavsjö

Produced by Gustav A. Lilliehorn, Max Thume & Johan Stavsjö

Director of Photography by Gerda Falk & Karl Lidh

Julia is in love with her best friend Christian. Christian is in love with the single life. A film about the modern day relationship, being young, stupid and daring to say yes to love.

Winner of “Best Drama” at Trujilo International Film Festival, “Best Student Film” at South Film and Arts Film Festival & Canal De Panama International Film Festival. And 12 other individual prizes. Official Selection at 21 film festivals.

Alone Together (2017) - Short film

Produced, written and directed by Johan Stavsjö

Director of Photography by Adam Normelli

The story of Joel who's life turns upside down when the person he wants to meet least in the world forces himself into his apartment. Joel has to face a past he strived to get away from. A film about growing up with bullying and letting go.

Winner of “Audience Award Best Film" at STOCKmotion Film Festival. Official Selection at 3 film festivals.